The Company


Patagonian Trade Fruits (PFT) is the leader company in the fruit export market of Argentina (apple, pears, kiwis and grapes), both traditional markets production and organic production. PFT has it headoffice in General Roca, within the heart of the Alto Valle of Río Negro (in the north of the Argentinian Patagonian)

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In Patagonian Fruits Trade the ecology is a key aspect, so the fruits we export are produced under strict norms of respect for the environment.

PFT uses leading technology to get products of the best quality and fully healthy, while cooperates with the sustainability of the regions where it works.


  • Ecology as a priority
  • Vanguard Technology
  • Standards of respect and non-aggression to the environment
  • Economic sustaintability of productive regions
  • Patagonian Fruits Trade has established in the organic fruits market, becoming also in the Argentinian leader of this kind of products

Our Values

What make us different

International Certifications

The productive and export processes of Patagonian Fruits Trade have the guarantee of many of the most important certifications of the world. These are some of PFT certifications, for organic and conventional products: USDA ORGANIC, ARGENCERT ORGANIC, GLOBALG.A.P, HACCP, ORGANIC IFOAM; FAIR TRADE, SEDEX, TESCO NATURE CHOICE.

Quality and security

Other key aspect in the quality and security of the Patagonian Fruits Trade products is the traceability. With this process the company follows its products closely at every stage. The tracing begins with the harvest and ends when the fruit is at the shelf of the supermarket, in the place of the world where such fruit has been exported. In this way, any little anomaly -even in the farm, packhouse, storage, in the transport or in the distribution - is detected and is easy to solve since we know exactly where is the problem.

Latest technology

With last generation software, PFT handles and controls all methods recollections - many of them are performed with mobile platforms - in the harvest. In the same way, the technology is very important for pruning and thinning that the company held every season in each farm.

Environment Care

As a leading fruit export company in Argentina , Patagonian Fruits Trade works every day to improve its supervision and responsibility in caring for the environment. Beyond its ethics and responsibility regarding ecology, the company puts special emphasis in the use of modern technology and advanced resources to ensuring a constant safeguard of the natural environment.